Labour Youth welcome the workers’ rights charter announced by Tánaiste

Labour Youth
12 January 2016

Labour Youth today welcomes the Labour Party’s proposals on workers’ rights, “Standing Up for Working People,” by Tánaiste Joan Burton ahead of the general election. These proposals outline Labour’s plans to further improve the working rights and conditions of all, committing the Labour Party to further ensuring stable, fairly paid, and secure employment.

Labour Youth National Chairperson, Grace Williams said: “The launch of the workers’ rights charter today displays the commitment of the Labour Party to creating an equal and just society. Improving the rights of workers in this country will inevitably improve the quality of life for all.

“We commend the proposals to increase the minimum wage to €11.30 per hour. This proposal will bring the rate of the minimum wage in line with the rates recommended for a living wage, something which we, in Labour Youth, strongly support. Those on the minimum wage should be able to live without fear of poverty. This proposed increase would help to eradicate the working poor, those teetering on the edge of poverty despite being in employment.

“Labour Youth have long argued for legislation to prevent the use of precarious contracts. The commitment in this charter to legislate against the use of ‘if and when’ contracts will protect workers and create stable employment.

“All work should be quality work, ensuring that all workers can live a decent and fulfilled life. The Labour Party in government has worked to ensure that workers are protected. We have seen vast improvements in workers’ rights since the Labour Party entered government in 2011; the introduction of collective bargaining legislation, the reintroduction of the joint labour committees, and two minimum wage increases, to name only a few of Labour’s achievements. This charter further demonstrates the commitment of the Labour Party to ensure that all work is quality work.”

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