Policing Plan needed to deal with scrambler bike problem – Costello

18 January 2016

Speaking at the Central Area Joint Policing Committee at City Hall this morning, Deputy Joe Costello raised the serious problem of scrambler bikes on the streets of the North Inner City.

Deputy Costello was referring to an incident on Christmas Eve in which a young man on a scrambler bike crashed into a Garda patrol car at the junction of Buckingham Street and Sean McDermott Street. The young man was seriously injured and four weeks later he is still hospitalised, while four Gardaí were treated in hospital for their injuries.

Furthermore, two years ago a young man died in the area when his scrambler bike crashed on Christmas Eve. 

Deputy Costello stated: “Year after year on Christmas Eve, we have mayhem in parts of the Inner City and beyond as the streets are taken over by scrambler bikes. The drivers race each other at high speeds. They are dangerous to each other and to the public. The bikes are neither taxed nor insured. The drivers seldom wear helmets and they are often minors without a driving licence.

Deputy Costello proposed that a comprehensive plan be put in place for next Christmas involving the Gardaí, the local authority, public representatives and community representatives.

“This plan should be modelled on the Policing Plan that is put in place for Hallowe’en each year and that similar priority be given to it,” Deputy Costello added.

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