FF hypocrisy is criminal – Byrne

20 January 2016

Labour Party TD Eric Byrne has criticised Fianna Fail’s crime policy announced earlier today.

Deputy Byrne commented: “According to their new crime policy, Fianna Fail want to introduce anti-crime measures at a cost of €104 million. Where do they expect to fund these proposals? From within the Garda force!

“It is financially unsound to propose such measures – to take from one hand to give to the other. It is ridiculous and only destabilises the force.

“Then again, Fianna Fail peddled financially unsound policies for years while in power, so we should be anything but surprised by their latest trick.
“Furthermore, Fianna Fáil has the audacity to complain about the closure of Garda stations – it is hypocrisy at its very worst.

“In 2010, they agreed with the Troika to cut Garda numbers from 14,500 to 13,500. It set us on the path to reducing the number of Gardai on the street and this government has been working hard to reverse that downward spiral ever since.

“By fixing the economy and cleaning up the mess Fianna Fáil caused, we have been able to start to invest in An Garda Síochána again, as well introducing much needed reforms.

“Labour have re-started recruitment to An Garda Siochana – 550 new recruits by the end of 2015. Furthermore, Budget 2016 provided funding for the recruitment and training of an additional 600 Garda.

“Fianna Fáil’s ill thought-out crime policy is just another poor attempt to get media headlines, regardless of the effect it may have on society.”

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