Stanley must withdraw gerrymandering claim against boundary body – Whelan

22 January 2016

A claim made by Deputy Brian Stanley this week that Laois is a “gerrymandered constituency” must be substantiated or unequivocally retracted, Labour Senator John Whelan has said.

Speaking today, he said: “This is an outrageous slur cast upon the Electoral Boundaries Commission. If Deputy Stanley knows a constituency has been gerrymandered, then as a responsible citizen and elected parliamentarian, he must specify who on the commission is corrupting the electoral process in this way.

“Or does he impugn the entire commission? Does he know if all or any of the multitude of other recently revised constituencies have been gerrymandered? Or does he allege Laois has been singled out for special treatment? If so, why?

“Left on the record, Mr. Stanley’s allegation of gerrymandering seriously undermines the integrity of our electoral and democratic process. Meanwhile he simultaneously purports to participate in that process. It’s not just more, Sein Féin throw-away guff. Even the independent institutions of our Republic are fair game where Sein Féin is concerned. Make no mistake, it’s actually very sinister.

“That this allegation should be put out there on the same evening that the Deputy SF Leader announced that Sein Féin would “secure that Republic proclaimed in Easter week” is positively Orwellian. But it’s the way Sein Féin goes about its business and seamlessly follows the recent comments concerning our Courts by Gerry Adams. Before Christmas, Mr. Adams wasn’t happy to just stand over his outrageous “good Republican” description of the now convicted Slab Murphy and leave it at that. For good measure Adams had to follow through and impugn our courts as well.

“One might ask what respect or loyalty Sinn Féin actually has to our Republic and it’s institutions as they present themselves for election. But I suggest there’s no need to ask. Their contempt is open and upfront for us all to behold if we open our eyes and ears. It’s barefaced.

“If Deputy Stanley refuses to his withdraw his claim, it will merely confirm what many of us actually believe: Sinn Fein’s involvement in our cherished election is just part of a wider “Republican” game or strategy in which nothing is sacred. Not even the integrity of the election itself.

“For them “Politics is war continued by other means”. People of Ireland beware.”

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