Labour Youth condemns cruel Danish refugee law

Labour Youth
27 January 2016

Labour Youth has joined with the Young European Socialists in condemning the Danish parliament’s decision to seize assets from refugees.

Labour Youth International Officer, Declan Meenagh said, “The passage of this cruel law is deeply shocking to Labour Youth. Many of us who would normally look to Denmark as a bastion of progressive values have been appalled by their parliament’s plans to seize the valuables of refugees entering the country.

“No-one chooses to become a refugee. These are ordinary people who have had their lives uprooted by extraordinary circumstances. To treat them little better than criminals is deeply regressive and sends out a very dark message about the values of modern European governments.”

Labour Youth National Chairperson, Grace Williams added, “The European Union was founded on the values of respect for human dignity, liberty and human rights. In light of this disgraceful law being passed, it’s more important than ever Europeans work together to welcome those forced here by war and oppression. Otherwise, the founding ideals of modern Europe may well be lost forever.”

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