50,000 new apprenticeships will benefit young people

Labour Youth
28 January 2016

Labour Youth welcomes the launch of the National Skills Strategy by Tánaiste and leader of the Labour Party, Joan Burton, which will provide 50,000 new apprenticeships and traineeships.

In response to the launch, Labour Youth National Chairperson, Grace Williams commented: “The Labour Party has stood up for working people in this government. We have played a vital role in ensuring job creation has been at the forefront of action by this government, seeing a dramatic decrease in unemployment rates since entering government in 2011.

“The National Skills Strategy further ensures that full employment continues to be a priority. 50,000 new apprenticeships and traineeships will provide an opportunity for people to develop new skills and increase their prospects in an increasingly competitive labour market. It also provides an alternative option to third level education for those who wish to further their skills in other fields. These places are being expanded into new areas such as tourism and IT, moving towards a real alternative method of training across a broad range of fields.

“In announcing this strategy plan, the Labour Party has further demonstrated its commitment to workers. The measures introduced in this government to protect workers alongside increasing opportunities to develop new skills shows that the Labour Party is committed to quality and fulfilling employment for all people.”

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