Slab Murphy not standing in general election, but Gerry Adams is

03 February 2016

While the Sinn Fein President, Gerry Adams, wants to pretend that the case of his friend Slab Murphy is irrelevant to the General Election campaign, the fact is that the nature of their relationship is something voters should think long and hard about over the coming weeks.

We hardly need to go over the long history between the two men. Suffice to say that Gerry Adams’s description of Slab Murphy as a ‘good republican’ when he was recently found guilty of massive tax evasion, told its own story.

The fact that he cannot bring himself to condemn the actions of someone who has defrauded the state to such an extent, should trouble the Irish people.

Sinn Fein has stated its willingness to serve in government with Fianna Fail. There is also a significant faction within Fianna Fail that has no problem coalescing with Gerry Adams. Today’s comments from the Sinn Fein President should make voters stop and think about what this marriage would mean for democracy and for the Irish State.

It is true that, as Gerry Adams says, Slab Murphy is not standing for election. But Gerry Adams is. And, as the old phrase goes, ‘by their friends, you will know them.’ 

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