Micheal Martin is the Bobby Ewing of Irish Politics

04 February 2016

Wants everyone to forget that Fianna Fail crashed the country

Two days into this campaign and Micheal Martin is already tying himself in knots over Fianna Fail’s ruinous economic record.

Yesterday, Deputy Martin said the 2012 apology he made for Fianna Fail’s economic recklessness “stands”, yet wasn’t prepared to say if he would repeat the apology to voters he meets on the campaign trail.

Of course he won’t – because he’s hoping voters will forget Fianna Fail’s disastrous record. But they won’t.#Neither will they forget the fact that Mr Martin walked off the pitch at a time when the Fianna Fail government of which he was a member was falling apart.Then, the chaos was so much that he walked out on his own colleagues; now he’s trying to have us believe that this same chaotic administration instigated the recovery. He can’t have it both ways.

Micheal Martin is the Bobby Ewing of Irish politics. He hopes we will conveniently all forget the inconvenient truth. But we will never forget the nightmare Fianna Fail inflicted on Ireland.

In 2011, thanks to Fianna Fail, we were in deep crisis

Now, thanks to the extraordinary sacrifices of our people, and policies driven by Labour in Government, we have the fastest growing economy in Europe.

In 2011, thanks to Fianna Fail, we were approaching half a million people unemployed.

Now, we’re adding more than one thousand new jobs a week and are on the road to full employment.

In 2011, Fianna Fail had cut the minimum wage by €1 an hour.

Now, it’s worth more than €3,000 extra a year to a low-paid worker because Labour has increased it twice.

In 2011, Fianna Fail’s savage Universal Social Charge slashed people’s wages.

Now, we’ve taken 700,000 people out of the USC net and reduced it for low and middle income workers.

And Labour will abolish USC entirely on the first €72,000 of income over the next government term to benefit low and middle-income workers.

We’ll stand up for working people, families and communities – precisely what Micheal Martin failed to do.


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