No one believes Fianna Fail’s crocodile tears over housing – McCarthy

05 February 2016

No one believes Fianna Fail’s crocodile tears today over housing provision in the State. 

They are an insult to the thousands of families who have been consigned to lengthy waiting lists thanks to the massive legacy issue that is Fianna Fail’s botched housing policy while in power.  

Micheal Martin has a serious credibility problem on this issue. He sat at the Cabinet table during a time of economic profligacy while allowing many local authorities to wriggle out of their social housing responsibilities.

It lumbered an entire generation of Irish people with the complex web of housing problems that currently exist.

Fast forward to the 31st Dail, and not even in opposition are Fianna Fail able to scrape together a decent housing policy.  

For example, they failed to provide for a single cent of funding in their last pre-budget submission to enable the purchase or leasing of homes for low income households.

It’s great to hear soundbites from Fianna Fail on the news but yet again there seems to be a complete lack of concrete policy. I await with bated breath for them to actually publish a single policy paper during this campaign.

By comparison, Labour in Government – at a time of restricted public finances – managed to deliver a €3.8bn social housing programme, the largest in the history of the State.

There’s a huge amount of work yet to be done – but at least we can be trusted to pick up the pieces of what Fianna Fail shattered, and will shatter again, given half the chance.


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