What do you get if you back SF or the Far Left? A right-leaning government

05 February 2016

If left-leaning people vote for Sinn Fein or the ultra-left in large numbers, they are likely to end up with a more right-wing Government, according to Minister Alex White, Labour candidate for Dublin Rathdown.

Speaking in Galway at the official launch of Derek Nolan’s campaign to retain the Galway West seat for Labour, Minister White said: “There is no doubt that the outcome of the election will be a coalition Government, led by Fine Gael. In practical terms only Labour can bring a left-leaning perspective to that Government, its policies and its priorities.

“Sinn Fein has ruled itself out of Government unless Gerry Adams is Taoiseach. Every other party or grouping that purports to be left-wing lacks the numbers or intent to go into Government. So, if left-leaning people don’t use their vote to support Labour, the most likely outcome is an administration led by Fine Gael with the support of Fianna Fail or other right-leaning parties or independents.”

Minister White said Derek Nolan was an excellent constituency TD who would continue to work to secure the jobs-led economic recovery if re-elected.

“We need a stable Government that will keep the recovery on track, and a balanced Government to ensure that the fruits of recovery are shared fairly, with continued social reform high on the agenda. Derek Nolan and Labour have demonstrated that they can deliver that balance – supporting the jobs-led recovery, increasing the minimum wage by 20%, and prioritising social justice, equality, and investment in public services and infrastructure.

“During five difficult years we have protected the weakest, fixed a wrecked economy, regained our sovereignty, and begun to restore incomes and living standards for workers, pensioners and families.  Labour protected basic pension and unemployment payments throughout the worst of the recession. With Labour in the next Government, we can continue to have a strong economy and a fair tax and benefit system, with everyone gaining from the recovery – especially working families.”


Further information: Bernard Harbor – 087-230-1262

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