Sinn Fein have no track record on healthcare

07 February 2016

Deputy Joanna Tuffy has said that Sinn Fein’s healthcare proposals cannot be taken seriously.

Tuffy commented: “Sinn Fein launched their healthcare policy today but if anyone wants to see what Sinn Fein actually do to health services when they are in power, then look to the North.

“Sinn Fein in the North have presided over hospital closures at a time when in the Republic because of Labour in government, there has been increased investment in healthcare.

“Labour has started a profound change in the way our healthcare service operates with the focus being on health services being delivered in the community and accessible to all.

“We have delivered the roll out of new primary care centres and Free GP care for Under 6s and over 70s. We have also delivered the largest capital investment in mental health in 100 years and we have allocated funding for the new National Children’s Hospital.

“The reality is Sinn Fein simply cannot be trusted when it comes to looking after our public services. In the Republic Sinn Fein talk about investing in public services but in the North they are doing the exact opposite.

“Labour is the only party that has a proven track record of being able to deliver a strong economy and a decent society. It is essential that Labour is returned to government to continue the job of investing in our public services.”


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