Labour’s 3:1 services-to-tax ratio the strongest of any party – Nolan

08 February 2016

Labour’s proposal to favour a 3:1 split between public services investment and tax reform is a strong, clear offering – unlike what Fianna Fail are putting on the table.

To put it bluntly, we are the only party with a clear message on prioritising investment over tax reductions.

Labour is proposing that for every €1 in tax reductions, we will invest €3 in better schools, better healthcare, and other services that families and communities need. This is the clearest and strongest offering of any party.

Labour will stand up for good services and the people dependent on them. Now that the public finances are stable, we want to use the proceeds of the recovery to invest in services first and foremost. 

By comparison, Fianna’s Fail’s proposed 2:1 split is typical of a party which has never prioritised public services, even when they had ample financial resources available to them.

While they partied away the boom, the public services of this State were slowly decimated and destroyed. The shutters came down on Templemore, the social housing programme stopped dead, and for 14 years our young people languished in shoddy prefabs.  

The Labour Party has no such intention of wasting away the proceeds of economic prosperity. We are determined to use the strong economy in order to build a decent society – and that means investing in our public services.

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