Gangland mafia must be stopped

09 February 2016

The killing of a man in Ballybough, in the heart of my constituency, yesterday evening is a chilling reminder of the threat that exists in our city from ruthless gangsters.

This killing appears to be retaliation for the especially ruthless murder which took place in the Regency Hotel in Drumcondra, a short distance away, on Friday.

Gangland feuding must not be allowed to drive fear and destruction to our local  urban communities and undermine  the fabric of our society.

The Gardaí must quickly find the culprits and put an end to such brutal tit-for-tat killings before innocent bystanders are hurt.

The Minister for Justice and the Government must provide the Gardaí with whatever resources are required to ensure that a gangland mafia is not allowed to grow in Ireland and that feuding gangs are not allowed to carry out St Valentine’s Day type massacres with impunity.

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