Mairia Cahill asks if the Army Council is dictating Sinn Fein strategy on Special Criminal Court?

09 February 2016

Listening to Sinn Fein tie itself in knots about the Special Criminal Court begs the question as to who is dictating the party’s strategy on this issue.

There are very few issues on which the party is prepared to flout public opinion and overwhelming evidence. They are running an election on the nature of a recovery whose existence they have continuously denied.

Their capacity to switch positions to suit their political needs is well known. But there are some issues that go to the heart of their DNA – issues that invariably involve the wider republican movement. ‘Good republican‘ issues. Issues around how the Republican movement does its business and sustains itself.

The fate of the Special Criminal Court may be one such issue that goes to the heart of the structure of the Provisional Movement.

Sinn Fein’s record on trials without a jury is not consistent in every case. For example, the case against my abuser was heard in a Diplock Court without any jury present. Sinn Fein did not raise any objection then, in contrast to their questionable stance on the Special Criminal Court.

 A recent PSNI report queried who really runs the Republican movement – Sinn Féin or the Army Council.

The case of the Special Criminal Court is undoubtedly one on which the Army Council is holding sway.

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