Slab for the Dail – Sinn Fein’s list idea opens way for Republican friends

09 February 2016

Sinn Fein’s proposal in their General Election manifesto to have one-third of all TDs selected from a party list system opens the way for characters like their ‘good republican’ friend Slab Murphy appointed to the Dail.

They claim that this move is required in order to bring about a ‘new culture’ in Irish politics. Well, it certainly would achieve that if Sinn Fein moved to put some of their cronies and sinister associates on the list.

Under this proposal, republican royalty such as the Slabs and Bobby Storeys of this world would not even have to go before the people in order to find their way into our national parliament. Sinn Fein could simply bypass allowing the people to adjudicate on their suitability for public office and put them into the Dail based on their party performance. 

List systems have been debated and discussed for many years as a means of improving our democracy. On each occasion, they have been rejected as not adding anything to our political system. Today’s proposal from Sinn Fein should make people even more wary of the idea.

Labour in government has concentrated on making real and tangible improvements to public life. The Dail sits longer and passes more legislation. We have introduced new laws on lobbying, Freedom of Information, and protecting whistleblowers. Each of these have had a much greater impact on transparency and accountability than any tinkering with our electoral system.


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