Why won’t Micheal Martin front-up on FF health proposals?

09 February 2016

Once again Micheal Martin has snubbed a Fianna Fail health policy launch today.

He is clearly ducking and diving questions on health because he can’t credibly stand over his own appalling record as Health Minister.

It’s the second time in just over two weeks that Martin has been notably absent from the unveiling of a pre-election health policy by his own party.

He also snubbed the roll-out of Fianna Fail’s damp squib mental health plan.

Either Martin is completely consumed with pirouetting before the campaign trail cameras, or a calculated decision has been made to avoid getting him dragged into a debate on the health service – where he will inevitably have to dodge a blizzard of questions about his own record in the area.  

As Minister for Health between 2000 and 2004, Martin presided over health service during a period of unprecedented prosperity. When he had the opportunity to radically overhaul health, instead he lumbered the nation with a huge trolley crisis, the multi-million euro PPARS scandal, and most memorably, the creation of the HSE.

There is no doubt that problems continue within the health service, but the Government is determined to address them, and is in a better position to do so now that resources allow.

In any case, Fianna Fail election candidates are blue in the face criticising the Government about the health service. Why, then, is their own leader not fronting up with solutions and proposals?


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