Social Democrats show their true colours

10 February 2016

At a time when we have the fastest growing economy in Europe it astonishing that a party claiming to be social democratic would not see fit to propose an increase in the minimum wage.

Yet at the launch of his proposals for small business today Stephen Donnelly emphatically stated that he and his colleagues do not support this measure.

This clearly shows that Stephen Donnelly believes people who work hard earning the minimum wage do not deserve a pay rise.

Labour in government has increased the minimum wage by 20% and we want to increase it further to a living wage of €11.30. We are also committed to abolishing USC for those earning below €72,000.

Labour is the only party in this election with a proven track record of creating a strong economy and building a decent society.

Once again serious questions have to be asked as to whether Stephen Donnelly is a true social democrat or if this is merely a flag of convenience in order to help his political career.

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