15 February 2016

The Labour Party this morning launched its election manifesto, ‘Standing Up for Ireland’s Future’.

There are three core principles which underpin Labour’s manifesto – invest in services, reduce tax burden on working families and stand up for a modern and inclusive Ireland.

The overriding principle is to invest in the services which people and communities need. We will invest €3 out of every €4 of additional resources available to us in services.

We will do this because we believe that quality public services are the hallmark of a decent society.

At the heart of any thriving community is the school, the hospital, the playground, the community hall.

Supporting these communities and investing in those services is a core principle for Labour.

Speaking at the event, Tánaiste Joan Burton said: “Labour’s manifesto is a radical and responsible programme for continued recovery, for social recovery and reform.

“It is a plan not just for a strong economy but for a decent society. It’s comprehensive, it’s costed and it’s fair.”

Minister Alan Kelly added: “But if there’s one thing we have learned from our recent past, it is that we cannot take this recovery for granted.

“The international economic outlook is extremely uncertain: turmoil on the markets, a slowdown in China, a Europe still recovering from the Euro crisis.

Now is not the time to take a risk. Now is not the time to let the others play with our recovery.”

Minister Brendan Howlin stated: “This is a social democratic manifesto for a social democratic party.

“It is a manifesto that will bring balance to the next Government as Labour has brought balance to the current one. It divides the resources available on a 3:1 basis – three euros of public spending for every euro of tax reductions.”


Link to copy of the manifesto document –

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