Fianna Fáil will not deliver progressive change

16 February 2016

Labour is the only party with a proven track record of delivering social and economic progress for all. In this government we delivered a marriage equality referendum, legislated for the X Case and made our gender recognition laws among the most progressive in the world. We want to continue this vital work as part of a stable and balanced Government. 

In stark contrast to Fianna Fáil, Labour is running on a platform in this election of delivering more progressive change. 

Labour wants to ease the cost of living pressure for families by introducing free GP care for all. Fianna Fáil is opposed to this which clearly shows how out of touch they are with families.  We believe that no family should have to worry about their bank balance when their child is in need of a GP visit.

We have the fastest growing economy in the E.U. for the second year in a row and we want to reward workers by increasing the minimum wage to a living wage. Fianna Fáil has made no commitment to increase the minimum wage in their manifesto. 

Labour is running on a concrete platform of advancing women’s rights. Labour, if returned to Government, will deliver a referendum on this issue in the next government. We’ll make the case for the 8th Amendment to go.  Fianna Fáil on the other hand are hoping that this issue will go away and have completely ignored the eighth amendment in their manifesto.  

We want to increase investment in our public services to make them among the very best in the world. Fianna Fáil wants to split investment and tax cuts on 60:40 ratio. Labour wants it to be a 75:25 split which clearly shows where our values are at.  

Fianna Fail’s lack of intent when it comes to investment is particularly obvious in the education sphere. Labour in Government, during the height of the crisis secured €2 billion in capital investment for school building projects. We are committed to ending the use of prefabs in our schools unlike Fianna Fáil who have no such plans in their manifesto.

Labour will continue to grow the economy to deliver a decent society. Fianna Fáil destroyed the economy and ignored the social agenda. Only Labour can deliver progressive change in government.

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