Nash welcomes SIPTU call to back Labour

17 February 2016

Minister Ged Nash has welcomed the decision of the SIPTU National Executive Council to call on voters to back Labour in the election to ensure a balanced government.

The Minister for Business & Employment and Labour’s candidate in Louth/East Meath said: “This election is one of the most important in the history of the state. It is crucial Labour is returned to government to continue the job of delivering better jobs and better pay and investing in our public services. I welcome the decision of SIPTU to encourage voters to vote Labour to make sure a balanced government with a strong Labour agenda is returned.

“As Minister for Business and Employment through my Dignity at Work Agenda I have made sure work pays. Labour has increased the minimum wage by 20% since 2011 – which means that someone who works on the minimum wage is €3,000 a year better off because of Labour’s influence in government.  We have also taken 700,000 of the lowest paid workers out of the USC tax net.  I am proud that this government has also delivered on the labour movement’s longstanding objective of introducing collective bargaining. This gives every worker the right to be represented by a union.”

“Labour represents the best offering for working people in this election. Only Labour will increase the minimum wage to a living wage and only Labour will tackle the use of low hour contracts. Labour needs to be returned to government because we are the party that stands up for working people and we are the party which will provide a stable and balanced government.”  

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