Gerry Adams should retreat to holiday home following RTE car crash

18 February 2016

Gerry Adams’ embarrassing performance on a major national interview broadcast this morning should make Irish people relieved that he and his party are not offering themselves for government.

Over the course of the interview he tied himself in knots on the most basic details of his own tax policy, which the interviewer had a much clearer grasp of.  Mr Adams simply hadn’t a clue about his own tax plans.  

He appeared to suggest that Sinn Fein will offer a bonanza to our highest earners, through a 7% tax rate on earnings above €100,000. He also appeared to have little or no concept of the marginal tax rate.

Given ample opportunities to clarify his party’s position, Gerry Adams didn’t even recognise the extent of his errors and dismissed any such questioning.  

This is a man who has to take his shoes off to help him count to 20.  

The Government, Irish families and businesses have to sit down every month and do their financial planning and make sure they can pay their bills and make ends meet. 

This seems to be an alien concept to Gerry Adams, who is completely out of touch with the realities of running a country, a family home or the challenges for job creators.

All told, Irish families would be better off if Gerry Adams retreats to his holiday home, his bath, his rubber ducks, and his teddies, rather than be allowed anywhere near the national finances.

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