Laughable lectures from Fianna Fáil – The party of prefab education

19 February 2016

Fianna Fail’s attempts to revise their record on education in government are laughable.

Even when the country was awash with money, Fianna Fáil thought it was ok to continue to have children taught in prefabs that are too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

Labour in government is ensuring that prefab education ends once and for all for schoolchildren across Ireland. And we ensured an unprecedented €2 billion capital investment in school building projects between 2012 and 2016.

We also protected the pupil teacher ratio and moved to reduce it as soon as possible under Budget 2016.

Indeed, in contrast to Fianna Fail’s 2009 Budget which took almost €9.5 billion out of the economy, Labour’s 2016 Budget invested €1.5 billion including funding for 2,260 new teachers.

In October 2015, Labour Minister Jan O’Sullivan, TD, also announced a €210m investment in digital technology in schools, the largest ever such investment.

Fianna Fáil failed to produce an education policy since 2011. Now they are clearly desperately trying to convince people that they care about the topic. Their attempts, yet again, to rewrite history fail miserably to stand up to any scrutiny.


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