Working families worse off with Sinn Fein’s watery proposals

19 February 2016

Working families across Ireland will be disappointed to see that the only relief being offered to them under Sinn Fein’s economic proposals is a dodgy offer to abolish water charges. 

Incredibly, a worker earning just €19,572 or over will get absolutely no relief from USC under Sinn Fein.  

Instead their claim they will abolish water charges will see working families benefit to a maximum of just €160. Indeed, a single worker earning around €20,000 will be just €60 better of under Sinn Fein. 

In contrast, under Labour’s plans to abolish USC, a worker earning €25,000 will be €1,132 better of per year. 

It’s hard to believe anything Sinn Fein says on water given that the amount of dodgy u-turns they’ve done. 

Gerry Adams was paying his water charges. Then he was just paying them on his holiday home. And now he isn’t paying them at all.  

And in government in the North, Sinn Fein have failed for years to permanently rule out water charges and tens of thousands of homes continue to be metered.  

It’s clear that working families will be better off under Labour rather than rely on Sinn Fein who have wobbled all over the place on water charges.

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