Senator Mark Wall
22 February 2016

Cllr. Mark Wall, Dáil candidate for Kildare South, has welcomed Labour’s commitments to the Defence Forces as outlined in the party’s defence policy document.

“As someone from a part of the country where so many servicemen and women make their home, I strongly welcome the measures outlined by the Labour Party in this area.

“For too long, the representative organisations of the defence forces have had their requests for equitable treatment denied. Labour’s plan to allow PDFORRA to affiliate to the Irish Congress of Trade Unions will, for the first time, give defence forces personnel the right to actively engage in the decisions that set their pay and conditions nationally.

“It will also provide a clearer route of access to the Labour Court, Labour Relations Commission, and other avenues for dispute resolution. The common-sense requirement that the forces voluntarily forswear the right to strike is very much in keeping with the dedicated ethos of the defence forces and matches PDFORRA’s own suggestions on the subject.

“If returned to government, Labour will continue to support the rights of workers and the work of the defence forces at home and abroad. We will also put in place a long-overdue framework outlining the State’s obligations to those who have served the country in the armed forces. This new National Veterans Strategy will be put together through consultation with veterans so we can best honour their unique role in safeguarding our security and international reputation.

“I ask all service people and workers to vote for the Labour Party in this election to ensure we can continue to protect and strengthen their rights in Government.”


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