22 February 2016

The Sinn Féin Deputy Leader, Mary Lou McDonald has described the prospect of a Fine Gael Fianna Fail Government as a ‘nightmare scenario’.

But it is a ‘nightmare scenario’ that Sinn Fein are prepared to do nothing about.

When asked about whether Sinn Fein would enter Government she cited possible deals with independents while conceding they hadn’t even discussed who might by Taoiseach.

Labour’s position on the other hand is clear. We are prepared to enter Government to turn our progressive politics into reality.

Action which over the last five years has led to:

  • Two increases in the minimum wage after it was cut by Fianna Fail
  • The protection of core social welfare rates following Fianna Fail cuts
  • The removal of 700,000 people from the USC net
  • The establishment of the Low Pay Commission
  • Commencing the process of public pay restoration following Fianna fail cuts
  • The restoration of Joint Labour Committees following their striking down in the courts
  • The allocation of €4bn to a new social housing programme
  • The introduction of legislation allowing for collective bargaining
  • Legislation for the X Case after 20 years
  • The marriage equality referendum

If you want to avoid Mary Lou’s nightmare scenario on Friday, you need to vote Labour.




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