John Fitzgerald analysis shows only Labour will protect core welfare payments

23 February 2016

“I welcome the analysis of the respected economist, Professor John Fitzgerald, that The Labour Party’s manifesto contains the strongest proposals for the protection of welfare recipients of any party in this election.

This is consistent with Labour’s performance in government over the last five years, where we protected and maintained welfare payments at a time of extreme economic crisis.

Progressive voters can see that this track record will be enhanced if Labour is part of the next government

We are commited to making sure that welfare payments keep pace with the cost of living. No other party has made such a commitment

This is a particular indictment of Sinn Fein, which uniquely among the parties has the lowest allocation for social welfare. They are proposing to allocate only half of what is required to ensure that welfare payments are equivalent to daily living costs.

If this is what Sinn Fein mean when they talk of delivering a ‘fair and sustainable recovery’ then it will prove to be a bitter pill for the most vulnerable people in our society who rely on the strong social welfare system that we have protected and maintained.”




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