Only Labour will deliver a referendum to repeal the 8th – Conway

23 February 2016

“It’s all well and good for the far left to launch their repeal the 8th campaign, we’re glad they are supporting the issue, but only Labour can deliver on this.

Labour supports the repeal of the 8th, and welcomes the growing consensus on this subject, however only Labour will realistically deliver and stand up for women’s rights.

No other major political party or grouping will deliver this referendum. Fianna Fáil doesn’t believe the people should be allowed to decide. Fine Gael can’t decide if the people should be allowed to decide. Sinn Féin claims to support a referendum, but will refuse to participate in government unless Gerry Adams is Taoiseach.

We believe the Constitution is no place for such a complex and sensitive issue.

The Labour Party is the party of social change, and has a strong track record on this. Labour in government has legislated for the X case, and if in Government after this election will deliver a referendum, and campaign strongly to repeal the 8th Amendment.”




For more information call Jennifer Allen 086 194 3706

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