Humphreys concerned urban areas to be side-lined in new government

06 May 2016

Labour Party Senator Kevin Humphreys has expressed concern that the economic and social progress achieved in urban areas will be side-lined by the new government.

Senator Humphreys commented: “It is important that every government places equal importance on the needs of rural and urban Ireland. This is why the previous government designed a comprehensive jobs strategy, which actually led to job growth being faster outside of Dublin.

“However, I am concerned that this new government will side-line the economic and social progress achieved in urban areas. Urban areas have played an intrinsic role in Ireland’s economic recovery. Dublin has become an international hub for tech companies and financial services. The Irish economy’s success is hugely dependent on the success of the Dublin economy.

“I, of course, recognise the need to invest in rural Ireland and provide more support to rural communities. However, I see no reason why both rural and urban Ireland cannot succeed together. There are significant policing, housing and infrastructure issues which need to be tackled in urban areas. I hope that the new government does not take its eye of the ball and recognises the importance of supporting every region in Ireland.”

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