No commitment for repeal the 8th referendum is an offence to women

Ivana Bacik TD
11 May 2016

Labour Party Senator Ivana Bacik has said the government clearly does not care about repealing the 8th amendment because it has not committed to a referendum on the issue.

Senator Ivana Bacik stated: “The publication of the Programme for Government will come as a major disappointment to those who want to liberalise women’s reproductive rights.

“The government has committed to referenda on a myriad of issues, such as giving the Ceann Comhairle constitutional status and Ireland’s participation in the Universal Patent Court.

“However, the government has completely avoided the most pressing and immediate constitutional issue of our time, which is the need to repeal the 8th amendment.

“In the election Labour went to the people offering a referendum on repealing the 8th amendment because we believe it is wrong to delay this matter any further.

“It is an injustice that women in modern Ireland do not have control over their reproductive rights. I and my fellow Labour Party colleagues will continue to fervently campaign for a referendum on repealing the 8th amendment.”

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