This government has abandoned low paid workers

11 May 2016

Labour Party Senator Ged Nash has said the government has abandoned low paid workers by not supporting a living wage.

Senator Nash commented: “I am disappointed but not surprised that there are no plans for a living wage in the programme for government. I think it is deeply ironic that a government which has said it is committed to fairness is not committed to making sure every worker in Ireland earns a living wage.

“The government’s proposals to increase the minimum wage to €10.50 by 2021 is deeply unsatisfactory. €10.50 falls far short of the living wage rate for 2016 which is €11.50.

“Labour in government made it a priority to deliver better pay and better jobs. We increased the minimum wage twice, strengthened the rights of workers to negotiate with employers over pay and conditions and made substantial progress on tackling low and irregular hour contracts.

“Except for a vague pledge to continue with some of the work Labour had already started around the regulation of “if & when” contracts and the creeping casualisation of work, there is no new ambition to be found in this disappointing document.

“To the detriment of low paid and insecure workers this government has demonstrated they are not going to pursue improving working standards and protections with the same vigour and determination as Labour did.

“This again shows that Labour is the only party which fights for working people and actually delivers real progress.”

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