Fianna Fáil are hypocritical attacking the government they are propping up

12 May 2016

Labour Party Senator Kevin Humphreys has accused Fianna Fáil of blatant hypocrisy by attacking Fine Gael over linking child benefit to school attendance, when they are the party propping up Fine Gael in government.

Senator Humphreys commented: “I am completely opposed to linking child benefit to school attendance. It is a highly regressive and impractical move. The Labour Party will vigorously oppose this punitive measure.

“However, it was somewhat of hypocritical of Fianna Fáil’s Wille O’Dea to attack the measure earlier today. Fianna Fáil is the party who secured Fine Gael’s return to government. If Fianna Fáil were truly opposed to Fine Gael’s policies then they would not have signed up to support them govern.

“I am proud that in the worst financial crisis in the history of the State Labour in government resisted both domestic and international pressure to slash social welfare spending. This callous Dickensian measure by Fine Gael is unwarranted. What’s more the public will not be conned by Fianna Fáil’s cheap hypocrisy.”

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