Finian’s credibility goes up in smoke

16 May 2016

It is completely unacceptable for Minister Finian McGrath to argue that the smoking ban in public places should be relaxed.

Speaking on national radio this morning Finian McGrath stated that pubs and restaurants should be allowed to reintroduce designated smoking areas.

I believe as a society we should do our upmost to discourage people from starting to smoke and to support people trying to give it up.

Finian McGrath argues that relaxing the smoking ban will help people give up smoking.

Those who are addicted to smoking and to families who have lost relatives from smoking related illnesses will not appreciate this completely illogical and insensitive comment.

It is ridiculous of Finian McGrath to claim he is committed to the target of Ireland being tobacco free by 2025, when he is at the same time calling for the smoking ban in public places to be relaxed.

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