Young people must support the EU

Labour Youth
30 May 2016


Speaking after a gathering of the Social Democratic and Labour Party youth group and the Labour Party youth group in Belfast this afternoon, the joint Chairs Conal Browne and Grace Williams issued a statement calling on young people to not underestimate the importance their vote can have on June 23rd

“With the referendum on membership of the European Union being critically important in determining this island of Ireland’s future, it is young people who will be most affected and it is young people who have the most important say. This referendum will dictate the opportunities offered to young people now and for the rest of our lives, and of those to come behind us. It will decide what freedoms, protection and opportunities are provided to our young people. There are many issues extending beyond the trade and economic based arguments.

“The European Union has been crucial in protecting our workers through the development of legislation on equal pay, anti-discrimination, part time and maximum working hours to name a few. Young people deserve these rights and more. The EU will continue to protect our workers securing their rights in future.

“It has played an integral part in the formation of the peace process, helping to solidify the peace we enjoy today. It has helped rebuild relations between Ireland and Britain, as well as between these islands and the rest of Europe through programmes such as Erasmus which gives us the freedom to work, travel and study across this continent.

“The EU has been crucial in the establishment of human rights in Northern Ireland and across Europe. Through the European Convention of Human Rights, all people on this island regardless of race, age or nationality have the same protection. The European Court of Human Rights provides impartial rulings free of individual countries’ biases, ensuring our people have the rights that they deserve.

“We must use our vote in this referendum. It is too important an issue to be left to chance. That is why we are urging all young people who can vote to do so on June 23rd. Vote to remain for a progressive future.”

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