Moore St consultative group a welcome if belated development

14 June 2016

The decision by Heritage Minister Heather Humphreys to establish a consultative group on Moore Street is a welcome, if somewhat belated development.

I have seen the properties in Moore St and they are in a very precarious condition, but they are the very heart of the story of the 1916 Rising, and it would be reprehensible if the Government were to allow the Centenary year pass without any real progress being made to bring about a long-term solution.

Any consultative group must involve local businesses, members of local communities, Dublin City Council, the OPW, and the Minister’s own Department.

It is incumbent on the minister to ensure that the group is given every opportunity to come up with a long term a solution for Moore St that is sustainable and workable.

And given the fact that we are half way through the Centenary year, the Minister must do everything possible in a timely manner, to secure the future of the street as an area of special historic interest.

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