Landy calls for fair play for councillors on PRSI issue

16 June 2016

Senator Landy welcomed the Governments recognition of a problem which has been ongoing for a number of years where councillors are paying 4% of a small salary of approximately €16,000 per annum and in turn receive no benefit.In his statement in the Seanad yesterday Minister Varadkar acknowledged the unfairness of this position and accepted that it needs to be addressed. Senator Landy called on the Minister to make provision for Councillors to pay the normal PRSI contribution and to receive full benefits accruing from that contribution in line with all other workers across the country. “To think that Councillors are paying in excess of €700 per annum as a PRSI contribution and receiving absolutely no benefits in return is unacceptable and must be addressed by the minister as soon as possible.“This charge on Councillor’s salaries came about as part of the Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest Act 2009 to address the economic mess that the country was dragged into by Fianna Fail. “The measures hit Councillors particularly hard as many of whom work full time and for salaries below minimum wage. All other public office holders (Judges, Ministers, TD’s and Senators) have full pension entitlements except for the lowest paid group; the Councillors, who, despite paying 4% of their annual income have no pension or other social welfare entitlements.”

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