A Remain vote in the UK referendum is a vote for international solidarity

Ivana Bacik TD
23 June 2016

Senator Ivana Bacik, Labour Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, today expressed hope that the Remain side would prevail in the UK referendum on membership of the EU, taking place today.

Speaking in the Seanad during a debate on the referendum, Senator Bacik said: 

“As a Dublin University senator, I have many constituents who are Trinity graduates and Irish citizens resident in the UK and who have a vote in today’s referendum. I have been in contact with many of them and am heartened by the strong support they have expressed for the Remain side in the referendum. A vote for the UK to remain is clearly in the best interests of Ireland, but also in the best interests of international solidarity. 

“Not only are there very strong arguments for the UK to remain on economic grounds, with many reports outlining the adverse economic effects for both the British and Irish economies should the Brexit side prevail. There are also very strong social arguments for Britain to remain in the EU. The Nobel committee presented the EU with the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012, noting the EU’s work over six decades in advancing peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe. The EU serves as an example to many other countries of what can be achieved through solidarity and transnational co-operation.

“The EU has also done immense work in terms of developing a ‘social Europe’ – and we have seen real progress for equality, for workers’ rights and in particular for women’s rights through our membership.

“While the decision clearly rests with others tomorrow and not in this jurisdiction, the European project of an open society built on values of international solidarity and mutual co-operation is an ideal that is worth supporting. We need to have the confidence and leadership here and elsewhere to counter racist and narrow-minded commentary about immigration. My hope along with that of so many others here in Ireland, is that the UK will vote to remain and we can all continue to work together at European level.”

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