Labour Youth deeply shocked by referendum result

Labour Youth
24 June 2016

The result of the UK’s referendum on EU membership has deeply shocked Labour Youth.  

National Chairperson of Labour Youth Grace Williams commented, “It is my firm belief that international cooperation is vital in tackling common global issues such as corporate tax evasion, climate change, and responding to the refugee crisis. As global citizens, we are all equally responsible for solving these issues. No country can tackle these issues alone.

“Unfortunately, the UK vote has left a series of unanswered questions. Among a plethora of other concerns such as workers’ rights, job creation, and trade, I am extremely worried for the future of the North of this island. We must not allow the result of this referendum to threaten the peace process and the many years it took to bring about stability. 

“We must not forget that the campaign that drove this referendum result was one of fear and hate. It is crucial that we, as a society, come together to eradicate the xenophobia and racism that Leave advocates deem acceptable. We will not accept hate in our society. 

“Continued cooperation is essential. I will be reaching out to our colleagues in the SDLP and British Labour Party over the coming days.” 

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