ESRI report shows young people need further supports

Labour Youth
13 July 2016

New research from the ESRI suggesting that young people find life much tougher than the over-65s comes as no shock to the young people reading it.

Grace Williams, Labour Youth National Chairperson said on the report: “It has been clear for some time that young people are finding it difficult to navigate an increasingly expensive and complicated society. High fees for third level education, extortionately high and rapidly increasing rents, a competitive labour market and rising childcare costs have hit young people the hardest. We have the results of the ESRI report to prove what many of us already knew; it is now time for action to be taken to support our struggling young people.

“The precarious nature of work was outlined by the ESRI as one of the most commons issues faced by young people. This must be tackled. The University of Limerick study into the effects of zero hours contracts recommend changes to legislation that would allow for work to be more regular and less unpredictable. These recommendations must be implemented.

“Almost 40% of those earning the minimum wage are under the age of 30. This wage is not sufficient to cover the cost of living, but merely offer survival for those workers and giving rise to the “working poor”. A living wage would significantly improve the living conditions for young people. We must see the introduction of a living wage.

“The affordability and availability of housing was also outlined as one of the biggest problems for young people. Ensuring that NAMA’s focus becomes addressing the shortage of affordable housing would aid the increasing housing shortage. Landlords increasing rents above and beyond the cost of living must also be tackled. Rent increases each year must only be in line with increases in the consumer price index. These changes would somewhat help the problem of housing in this country.

“There is an opportunity to help the young people of this country for the better. We have a recovering economy; it’s time to ensure that this recovery is felt by this country’s young people too.”

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