NERI report shows a living wage is key to tackling gender pay gap

Ivana Bacik TD
14 July 2016

A study by the Nevin Economic Research Institute has shown that almost three quarters of people earning the minimum wage in Ireland are women.

The disproportionately high number of women earning the minimum wage clearly demonstrates the need to introduce a living wage to help tackle the gender pay gap.

This government has completely taken its eye of the ball when it comes to improving pay and conditions for low paid workers. It is extremely disappointing there is no commitment in the programme for government to introduce a living wage.

The Labour Party in government increased the minimum wage twice and significantly strengthened the rights of workers to negotiate with their employers over improving pay and conditions.

This study by the Nevin Economic Research Institute makes clear that tackling low pay is a women’s rights issue. I am calling on the government to commit to introducing a living wage. 

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