Labour Youth holds action at Turkish Embassy calling for release of CHP Youth activists

Labour Youth
04 August 2016

Labour Youth held a solidarity action this afternoon outside the Turkish Embassy in Dublin calling for the immediate release of members Labour Youth’s Turkish sister organisation, CHP Youth.

Speaking at the action Labour Youth National Chairperson Grace Williams commented: “We condemn, in the strongest terms, the arrest of 13 members of CHP Youth on Tuesday. The justification for their detention is frivolous at best and at worst it shows reckless disregard for the democratic traditions of the Turkish state and for its people. 2 of the detained activists were arrested for posts on social media.

“While the state narrative surrounding the attempted coup d’état on July 15th are questionable few can deny that the Turkish people have since become victims of a second, successful, coup. This one carried out and led by the nation’s president.

“There are clear intentions behind the removal of civil servants from the military, schools, offices and judiciary. President Erdogan seeks only to consolidate his power by removing anyone who poses even the most miniscule threat to his authority.

“The assertion that President Erdogan seeks only to protect the Turkish state is more difficult to digest when one considers the actions taken by his government in the weeks since the apparent coup. Schools and universities have been closed. Journalists detained and academics banned from travel and now the detention of youth activists.

“We have seen that the President has shut down dozens of media outlets, dismissed thousands of government staff and banned tens of thousands from leaving the country.

“The President has sought to weaken and supress all those institutions and people who could challenge the state on a political level. These actions are reminiscent of some of the more abhorrent dictators of the 20th century and have no place in the future of Turkey, or indeed any other nation. No good can come from the actions of President Erdogan’s administration or our acceptance of them.

“We have presented a letter to the Turkish Embassy calling on the Turkish ambassador to Ireland to lobby for the release of these activists and other innocents who have suffered at the hands of an over eager administration.”

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