Howlin congratulates Corbyn on re-election as Labour leader

24 September 2016

Brendan Howlin has congratulated Jeremy Corbyn on his re-election as Leader of the UK Labour Party.

“The challenges facing the people on these islands have been brought into stark relief after the result of the Brexit referendum, and a strong Brtitish Labour Party is needed now more than ever.

“I want to congratulate Jeremy Corbyn on his re-election as Leader of the British Labour Party, and on behalf of all members of the Irish Labour Party I wish him well in building a convincing alternative to the current Conservative government.

“I will spend the next few days attending the British Labour Party conference, discussing Brexit, the future of social democracy across Europe and protecting the peace process in Northern Ireland.

“Since my own election as Leader of the Labour Party, I have been working with Jeremy Corbyn and colleagues from sister parties all across Europe, to argue for changes to spending rules to allow for greater capital investment. I look forward to continuing to work with him on this and many other issues.”

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