08 November 2016

Welcoming the proposals to amend Councillor PRSI benefits in the Social Welfare Bill, Deputy Willie Penrose today said:

“The Social Welfare Bill was published last Friday, just four days ago, covering all the changes announced in Budget 2017. It was signed off by the Cabinet last week. I welcome this change which has been long discussed.”

“However, there was no mention on Friday of changes to Class K PRSI contributions for Councillors.”

“But four days later we learn that the Minister now intends to bring amendments to the Bill to fix this long running issue, apparantly approved by Cabinet last week.With this change he has fired the first shots in the FG leadership contest.”

“It appears the Minister kept this news in his pocket rather than include it the original announcement to burnish his leadership credentials. This way he has ensured extra coverage for a proposal that will improve his popularity with FG Councillors.”

“It’s incredible to see a key piece of the Budget legislation manipulated for internal party political purposes.”

“I look forward to hearing the Minister’s explanations later today when the Social Welfare Bill is debated.”

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