Ivana Bacik TD
09 November 2016

Senator Ivana Bacik, Labour Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, today expressed her disappointment at the result of the US election and defeat of Hillary Clinton.

Speaking in the Seanad during the Order of Business, Senator Bacik said:

“The result declared this morning in the US Presidential election represents a real disappointment for all of us who stand for progressive politics, equality for racial and sexual minorities, and of course the cause of women in politics in a fair and just society. From an Irish perspective, the defeat of Hillary Clinton represents the loss of a candidate who was a real friend to Ireland, in the words of the Taoiseach. It will mean serious uncertainty for the plight of the undocumented Irish and of all those others living in the US with similar status.

The victory of Republican candidate Donald Trump represents a blow to progressive politics internationally, with implications for international climate change agreements and US foreign policy in particular.

For anybody who has worked to increase the numbers of women entering politics, Hillary Clinton’s defeat is particularly disappointing and represents a serious setback. The levels of misogyny expressed during the campaign will clearly be offputting for many younger women contemplating a career in politics. However, we should all join in expressing commendation to her campaign for putting up such a strong fight, and for opening up for all of us the prospect that a woman will some day be President of the US. That aspiration continues.”

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