18 November 2016

Labour spokesperson on Children and Youth Affairs, Jan O’Sullivan, says childcare workers shouldn’t be forgotten as the UN marks its annual Universal Children’s Day.

Deputy O’Sullivan commented:

“Today is a chance for us to reflect on our obligations to the world’s children as we endeavour to eradicate child poverty. At the heart of this, are the thousands of childcare workers in this country who we entrust with our precious children and grandchildren every day.

“Unfortunately their value to society is not being reflected in their pay, with many in the sector earning an average wage of only €10.27 an hour.

“The eradication of child poverty goes hand in hand with a high quality childcare sector, which in turns relies on a skilled workforce with decent pay and fair conditions.

“If we want people with good qualifications, who are committed to caring for and educating young children, we need to make sure they can build sustainable careers.

“We also need to fund the opportunities for them to go to college and up-skill. Just last week I met with some of the childcare workers who were protesting outside the Dáil as they felt let down by the childcare measures outlined in Budget 2017.

“In Labour’s alternative budget released earlier this year, we fully costed and pledged to implement the living wage of €11.50 for all childcare workers. In order to properly value our children, we need to also properly value those that work with our children.”



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