02 December 2016

Commenting on the continued threat to in-house production of children’s programming at RTE, Senator Kevin Humphreys said:

“Tonight, across Ireland hundreds of thousands of families will sit down to watch the Late Late Toy Show.”

“It is a marque event in children’s programming, and will start countless conversations and discussions in the days ahead – both on the toys, and the talented performers.

“We will see children entertain and perform, and all in a unique Irish setting, that only a live broadcast programme could contain.

“RTE, as our national broadcaster should be congratulated for its commitment over many decades to producing quality TV and radio shows for our children.

“But the Toy Show comes only once a year and children’s public service broadcasting shouldn’t be confined to that one, very commercially successful night.

“Instead we should have live children’s programming every day, committed to show casing the best of Irish talent and creativity, to entertain our children.

“If we serious about public service broadcasting we should recognise that the programming produced by the Young People’s Department in RTE is central to the success of other shows like the Late Late Toy Show, providing a creative environment that fosters ideas, talent and future stars and TV shows.”

“I hope following the Toy Show that RTE will reflect further on their decision to outsource, so that live, in-house children’s programming could be retained.”

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