08 December 2016

Commenting on the publication of the Creative Ireland programme,Labour Party spokesperson on the Arts, Deputy Joan Burton stated:

“Although Creative Ireland is billed as the Government’s Legacy Programme for Ireland 2016 the total financial commitment is far below the amounts committed to the Arts in Ireland 2016.

“While I welcome in particular the publication of a five year ‘Creative Children’ plan which will enable every child to access tuition in music, drama, art and coding, the budget 2016 estimates show that the provision for current expenditure in the sector has fallen by a million euro on 2016 levels, while capital spending will be slashed by €19 million.

“With a total budget of €5million Creative Ireland will have limited impact beyond providing a nice photo opportunities for the Taoiseach’s department.

“The failure to retain the 1916 Commemoration Budget as a permanent expansion of the Arts funding base is a rather sad comment on the shortness of vision in this Government when it comes to the Arts.

“Especially in the context of Brexit with the need to sell ourselves to the UK and our European partners.”

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