Labour Youth
19 January 2017

Labour Youth has today launched its Living 2019 campaign to encourage employers to pay the living wage. The Living Wage, which has been set at €11.50 by the Living Wage Technical Group, is considered to be the minimum a full time worker needs to earn to cover basic living expenses.

Speaking at the launch of the campaign Chair of Labour Youth Kevin Donoghue said “Our campaign is simple – those in work should earn enough to be able to cover basic living expenses. Sadly, that is not possible with people struggling to survive on the minimum wage.”

The campaign will also seek to recognise employers that make the effort to improve working conditions for employees. “It is important to highlight the work of employers who provide decent working conditions for their employees.”

Donoghue, who is a former President of USI, spoke about the plans for the campaign: “We are launching this week, on the 98th anniversary of the Democratic Programme and will spend the next two years working with employees, employers and government to bring about a Living Wage that is sustainable in the long term.

“Living 2019 recognises that there are a series of obstacles for all stakeholders in the introduction of a Living Wage. However, we have seen a number of employers have already committed to it. Our campaign will reach out to all relevant groups and seek to ensure our nation’s workers can afford to live.”

Senator Ged Nash commented: “I want to commend Labour Youth for continuing the campaign to introduce a Living Wage to Ireland. I hosted the first government-backed Living Wage Forum in Dublin Castle in 2015. Major employers such as Aldi, Lidl, IKEA and Airtricity have worked with me and introduced a Living Wage of at least €11.50 per hour into their businesses.

“To Fine Gael, making work pay is nothing but a slogan. To Labour it matters and our track record on increasing the Minimum Wage twice, introducing new collective bargaining laws, Joint Labour Committees and campaigning for a Living Wage shows how the reforms we have introduced has put bread on the table for working people.”

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