24 January 2017

Commenting on the announcement by Minister Simon Coveney of changes to the allowances and expenses of Councillors, Labour spokesperson on local government, Senator Denis Landy said that while some of the increases are welcome, the Minister is introducing a clear discrimination against city councillors and that overall Cllrs are unimpressed with the paltry gesture on pay.

“After the reforms implemented in 2014, 949 councillors now do the work of 1,627. Any increase is welcome but the figures announced add up to an extra €20 per week. This is a minuscule sum compared with the work load of up to 50 hours per week on a current salary allowance of €16,400.

“The exclusion of Councillors in Dublin, Cork and Galway from an extra €1,000 is unacceptable and discriminatory.

“I will be challenging the Minister on this discrimination that he intends to introduce by regulation. All Councillors have increased workloads and increased expenses since 2014.

“Councillors across the country should be treated equally in how they are remunerated and recompensed for their expenses.

“It is unacceptable to exclude 250 Councillors from an extra €1,000 that will be provided to others.

“I want to acknowledge the attempt by the Minister to properly remunerate Councillors for the work they do in their communities but this announcement is only tinkering at the edges and needs vast improvement in terms and conditions to ensure that local democracy remains the bedrock of society in Ireland.”


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