06 February 2017

Labour spokesperson on Finance, and member of the Oireachtas Budgetary Oversight Committee, Joan Burton TD has requested a special meeting to examine the estimated costs of the proposed children’s hospital.

“This morning I wrote to the Budgetary Oversight Committee Chair, John Paul Phelan to request a special meeting to discuss the extraordinary costs now projected for the new Children’s Hospital.

“I have read various report’s over the weekend, and it appears the costs have increased enormously, way in excess than previous figures that were estimated.

“The orginal figure of €650 million has risen by nearly €350 million – close to €1 billion before the €200 million cost of IT and equipment.

“The implications of these additional costs and the impact this will have on other spending profiles and on the fiscal space needs to be discussed.

“While there will be an immediate impact on health, it will also have consequences across the entire capital budget of state when we have a serious requirment to invest in housing, schools and transport infrastructure.

“A 50% increase in the cost of this one project will have serious repercussions for the capital budget if replicated in other Departments.”

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