22 March 2017

Labour spokesperson on Health, Alan Kelly has expressed his frustration at the Government’s lack of action on extending free GP care for all.

“Today at the Future of Healthcare Committee, it was extremely frustrating to hear the Minister indicate that plans to expand free GP care to all citizens could be delayed by up to a decade.

“Despite promises in the Programme for Partnership Government, it is clear now that extending free GP care is not a real priority for Fine Gael. This can be seen through the fact that in October 2015 the Government committed to free GP care for under-12s. Disappointingly, we have seen no movement on this issue. We know the funds have been set aside to extend the service to older children and the lack of progress on this is a hindrance for families right across the country.

“To date we have seen free GP care provided to the youngest and oldest in our society. It is frustrating that the Government doesn’t seem to care that much about providing free GP care for those in-between.

“What we need now is a complete shift in gear by this Government. An agreement needs to be reached on a timely delivery of universal coverage of GP care for all.”

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